Electronic Contracting How-To Guide

The contracting process is the first step at the start of a great relationship with DMI Marketing. So, we make the online contracting process as simple as possible. Please keep this window open throughout the process for reference. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us - (800) 322-6342 (Don't forget to ask for Contracting).



To ensure a fast contracting process, have the following information available before you begin.

  • NPN #
  • State insurance license information
  • Voided check for the account where you want commissions paid
  • E&O certificate
  • AML certificate
  • NAIC training certificate (if applicable)
  • Any other documents (State specific, Product training, LTC, etc.) that could apply to your request

Below is a 3 part step-by-step breakdown of the contracting process.


  1. Select "Get Started" button on this page.
    This will bring you to a DMI specific link to create your new account.
  2. Select "New User" button.
    Create a "New User" account even if you have an existing account. This ensures your account is associated with DMI and your requests are routed to us.
  3. Provide required information to create an account and follow the system prompts to register.
  4. Once registration is complete, be sure to check your email inbox you used to register for verification email from setup@surancebay.com.
    Check your spam or junk folder if you do not see this email in your inbox.

The Producer Profile is comprised of nine tabs, outlined below. These tabs are at the bottom of the page
  1. Log into SureLC
  2. Select "My Profile" button.
  3. Complete the required information on each tab. 
    Once the page is complete, the red exclamation point in the respective tab will change to a green checkmark. If the page is incomplete, the red exclamation point will remain. You need green checkmarks for all tabs for a complete profile.
    1. NIPR – Enter your personal information and National Insurance Producer Registry #
    2. DBA (Doing Business As) – Indicate how the carrier should pay commissions. The options are:
      1. Individual – If the carrier will pay commissions to you personally.
      2. Business Entity – If the carrier will pay commissions to a business.
      3. LOA (Licensed Only Agent) – If the carrier will pay commissions to an agency, broker-dealer, etc., who will then pay your commission. You are NOT paid by the carrier.
    3. Questions – Answer the Yes/No contracting questions. Be sure to scroll down the page and answers all questions. If you answer "YES" to any question, provide supporting explanation/documentation. 
    4. Licenses – If your state license didn’t populate automatically, add the information here.
    5. EFT – Enter your banking information and upload a voided check.
    6. History (Optional) - Use this tab to track your employment history.
    7. Training – Enter you AML information.
    8. E&O  Enter you E&O information.
    9. Scan – Create an electronic signature and view your uploaded documents
  4. Click the "Appointment Requests" button in the upper righthand corner.
    This button will appear with a "Missing Info" message until you have provided all necessary information. Once your profile is complete, the appointment button will appear.

  1. Select the carrier with whom you wish to be appointed.
    Carriers should be previously discussed with and approved by your sales consultant.
  2. Follow the prompts to submit your appointment requests.


2 Minute Training: New Producer Registration Process

3 Minute Producer Training Video

Requesting An Appointment: Producer View